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Episode 4- Show Notes


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In This Week’s Episode:

Episode 3- Show Notes


In this episode:



Finnish Baby Box

Nicki Minaj & the Feud with Tay Tay

Many Flavas of Religion

Saving Room for Cats

DILFS of Disneyland

Hot Dudes Reading

Men and Coffee

Thats Aweson

Shane & Angel

Posting First

Shot By Sound

Fix St James

Coachella Collection Top Shop

Occupy Wall Street 


Facebook for Baby Boomers

Pilot Episode- Show Notes

Welcome to our pilot episode 🙂 You’ll find out how this podcast came to be and what to expect in future episodes.

In This Episode:

Next Week’s Homework:

Tell us about THE WORST people you’ve met lately – use the hashtag #WhatsOnthePig

#WhatsOnThePig Topics- Week 1

It’s only been 3 days since our pilot pod went to air, but we already have a number of topics to put on “The Pig”.

As we are women of a certain age, we need to keep a list cos memory issues, so here they are for us to tick off once discussed. We will also add listener topics/stories to #WhatsOnThePig…

Leave us a comment below or use #WhatsOnThePig on Twitter @patwpod

Moz x

  • Whackadoo dietary requirements
  • “Meet the Mormons”
  • Overconfident teenage boys dot tumblr dot com
  • Shell’s new job antics
  • Pure tweets (thank you @dr_soz for sharing a topic of interest)
  • Hashtag hijack e.g. #askmia
  • Hashtags that need to go into hiatus, as determined by Vogue
  • Parping (thanks @sarahlery for making this uncomfortable for me 😑)
  • Manspreading Jerks
  • Lululemon’s “Curiosity Lager”
  • Smartphone etiquette
  • Topshop and other fast fashion crimes


Well peeps, the long anticipated (read: long procrastinated) podcast has been recorded.

Ergo we have…

Fat Amy

Our pilot podcast is live and you can listen to it right —> HERE! We will be on iTunes soon, so watch this space.

You will find the links here that we discussed in this episode:

We hope you enjoy it! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Moz & Shell x